It all began with a simple visit to his older brothers house . As he enterd the humble home, he heard a euphoric sound from the bedroom as a mate (Big Gee) was playing some commercial trance on a set of turntables . As engrossed as he was, he found himself learning to play the wheels of steel everyday …after school and any spare time he had.

His technical ability to mix and perfect a set progressed rapidly, but this wasn`t enough as he began looking deeper into the dj scene. As he explored the rave scene to find out first hand what it would sound like on a big sound system, seeing a friend (Mikey Motion) in a dj competition and smashing out some “devastating” hardcore. The sound could not be explained.

His passion for dj'ing stepped up an another level and he wouldn`t stop untill he found himself in the dj booth playing his own records, playing his sound.With the addition of a laptop and music software, he began creating his own sound of hardcore.He honed his production skills churning out a consistent rate of tracks out a day.

His brand of hardcore takes in influences from the full musical spectrum, covering both commercial and darker vibes making his sound a sonic audio experience worth hearing and feeling.

Now with imminent releases and gigs in 2011 it looks as if it's going to be a busy year.

Small interview 16.08.2011

How would you describe your music?

Hard, fast, bangin !

What other artists do you rate?

Meccano twins, angerfist, evil activities

What would you say you fav tune would be from the past?

Dyewitness masterplan

What’s your present?

Chuff – raw power or evil activities – pray for me

In four words describe yourself?

Fun and outgoing person

What’s the maddest thing you have ever done after a gig?

If i told you . trust me you wouldn`t believe me

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Hopefully be 1 of the best in the hardcore seen traveling all over the world to gigs every weekend.

Have you got a message to all your fans?

Well if i have any i`d say be yourself for its you who creats your path in life you know your own boundries and limitations .