Bridson started off djing in his bedroom in the late 90’s.

Then moved onto running his own pirate radio station called perfecto fm.

His love for djing made him want to make his own music and was shown music 2000 on the playstation and began making songs on that.he then got a laptop and got professional software to make his music and started playing some of his own tracks on the radio station.

Bridson is also a vocalist in alot of his tracks and writes for other producers.

He is known mostly for his uk hardcore but has started making some harder styles also.

He is looking forward to the rest of the year and aims to get the finger out and start getting some tracks out!!

Small Interview 15.08.2011

How would you describe your music?


What other artists do you rate?

Bass Gen, kurt, scott brown, sy, squad e

What would you say you fav tune would be from the past?

Scooter friends. That’s what got me loving hardcore.

Whats you present fav tune?

This is a hard one but id say gammer and wizzkid cud be real. Sorry if its cheeze lol

Do you have any tunes in your record box that you see as being big in the future?

Loads. I’lll mention a few but the way promoters are going they wont get there chance. here is some dcn, v.ovaload, mikk, to name a few tallented guys

In four words describe yourself ?

pain in the arse

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?


Have you got a message to all your fans?

Haven’t got fans but a few peeps like ma music and always ask me tips.keep ya music non producers al say hope to see yas alot in near future playing out about britain but not at greedy promoters nights as there killing the scene wich we all love.

What’s the maddest thing you have ever done after a gig?

Went to a hotel smashed it up and played chap door runaway lol