Max Levassor (Area 51) is an upcoming DJ/producer & sound engineer from Watford, Hertfordshire. Max has been mixing and producing since he was at the age of 14. He has been doing all of this for 8 years now he is 21 years old. Max has been into all sorts of genres growing up, at first he was producing Hip-Hop & Grime, then few years later he found out about UK Hardcore & Hardstyle, which then he wanted to join with.
Max started music as a hobby then years later he wanted to do it as a living which then he when to college for 3 years to learn about sounds & the business side of things and how it all worked in the music industry. He has a become a little successful in the Hardcore scene with lots of collaborations, lots of releases with labels & becoming a part owners of Stomp-Inc UK & Bass Generator Records.
Max has mainly got his name out there because he has passed his knowledge on to other people that wanted to learn about sound design and engineering. He has had really good feedback from people who he has worked with in the studio.
Area51’s future track releases will be on

Bass Generator Records
Stomp-Inc UK
DSTM Records
Ballistik Hardcore
Bounce-Inc UK
White Noize Hardcore

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