Location: Wales

We are a up and coming DJ duo the Bass Brothers are quickly making our way up the ranks in the hard dance /hard tek scene. We first built a small army of dedicated followers by playing many free parties, which then lead us to being given booking requests for many club nights and events throughout Wales and it’s surrounding areas. In a very short space of time we’ve transferred the success we had from the free parties, over to the many hard dance and hardstyle events we have already been booked for over the past three years. In order to stand out ahead of the rest we have really focused on trying to achieve our own sound, combining our favourite elements from hard tech, hard dance and hardstyle. Inspiration We have been inspired since young children 11-12 years old watching the likes Dave Pearce, Judge jules on rapture am, Then we got decks at age 12-13 and would not leave them alone saving pocket money to buy vinyl’s. Our dj inspiration today would be Cally n Juice, Mark Eg, Kidd Kaos and the Australian djs Splinta and Dj Em as to the style of music we are involved in.

Things that we have achieved so far on our journey

We have had a number of regular bookings from the uk’s number 1 Dance event BIONIC which has led us to play at wales biggest Dance festival TOGETHER FESTIVAL and many more.

We have had many tracks released on very well known labels such as Ourstyle Records

Digitally Infected

Gearbox Digital

De:fuzed Digital

which we have a current residency and a very promising future.

Drive What drives us is basically unexplainable how the great the music makes us feel our aim is to get the crowd feeling exactly the same as we do when the music is playing. Its the crowd that gives us the drive so that makes us want to put the effort in in order to give something back which they deserve for supporting us and standing by us on our journey.