Bass Generator is a Dj, based in Newcastle (UK), famed for being at the forefront of the 1990's Scottish Hardcore scene.

He started Dj'ing in 1987, produced his first record in 1989 starting the label “Bass Generator Records” in 1990. Became resident dj for the legendary Rezerection in Newcastle in 1991 then stormed into the Scottish scene in 1992. Voted by the only “independent” poll as #2 best hardcore Dj behind Carl Cox in 1992, taking top spot in 1993 & 1994.

Popularity surged and he secured bookings and residencies at the almost all of top Hardcore events in the U.K. from the small clubs to the massive outdoor allnighters.
Started “Judgement Day” events in 1993 and released the anthem “The Event”.

Adding the help of Scott Brown's early releases: (Lord of Hardcore/Genetik), Bass Generator Records went on to release over 40 singles up to 1997. Selling over 1 million mix tapes, Dj'ing at over 1500 events and setting an un-official world record of Dj'ing at 7 events in 1 night, Bass Generator was the #1 Dj in the 1990's Scottish Hardcore scene.

When the Hardcore scene died off in 2000 rather than try to re-invent himself as a Trance or Techno Dj, he stuck to his harder roots so didn't get out much in 2001-2003.
In 2004 the new “OldSkool” nights started to become more and more popular and by 2006 had grown to capacity crowds of 8000+ at the re-born Fantazia events.

He had become more and more disillusioned with the music he was expected to play at these events, mixing in new Uk Hardcore and Gabber into the OldSkool sounds he was famed for wasn't working for him and the Hardstyle tracks he loved were simply too slow to mix into what everyone else on the line up were playing.

In 2007 he decided to take a bold step and stop playing Hardcore and concentrate 100% on Hardstyle.

Midnight at Fantasylands #1 in Edinburgh in the hall which was home to legendary Rezerection all-nighters he became the first Dj in Scotland to play a 100% Hardstyle set at a Hardcore event to a capacity crowd of over 10000 Ravers.

It was the most talked about, most downloaded and most purchased Dj mix cd in years.
In 2009-2010 Hardstyle had become the #1 harder genre in Scotland with the majority of fans being converted ravers!

2010 saw Bass Generator's retirement from the Dj'ing scene. Family commitments have taken priority over weekends away and 3 day hangovers. 🙁

2011 Bass Generator is locked away in an underground recording studio.
What will 2012 bring? Wait and see!!!