When Sven Veenstra visited his first Qlimax in 2010, he inmediatly fell in love with Hardstyle. Since then he visited to many events to count, and loved every single on of them. He always dreamt about performing on those big, mighty stages. When he saw a poster of a DJ-course in his hometown, he didn’t hesitate for a second…

After completing the course things went really fast. He managed to save enough money to by his own turntables and mixer, and started perfecting his skills. His unrivaled energy and passion on stage got him one gig after another. He played local events like: Raw Viruz, Lost In Dreams, Output, Villa Freestyle and Hard2Beat. He managed to get the crowd going every single time.

Now that he’s finished his first track ”Eclipse”, and more soon to follow, he’s ready to destroy dancefloors everywhere! Brace yourself! This is DJ Croniq!

DJ CroniQ

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