My name is Mc Heddz frm saltcoats (ayrshire). been mcing since bk in 95

Started mc’ing at 16 when me and an auld mate went to this club in killie an i spoke to the mc and he gave me the last 30 mins .a few weeks later he never turned up to mc so the manager said to me that i can do it eventually i had dne it every fri nite for 6 months and went on stage at barrowlands for little angels u18s an managed to say a few words b4 the mc took the mike back now am currently mc’ing for obliteration events and also the hardstyle hooliganz .cant forget that ma good friend senior flange let me mc for him 1 nite and the partnership took of fae there …….also mc’d for nrg events tektonic and fantazia midnight summers dream (stoke) then fantazia supernova (bristol motion warehouse) mc,d at tektonic 17th dec old skool with bryce diven and dj cdj more to follow,,,,,,my mate david jeffrey n i have created a new event heavenzhalo watch out on group page and my info bar for eventz also catch me mc’ing at apocolypse obivion in glasgow may 2012 then will be on to heavenzhalo date. Has been confirmed. At bar 360 stoke on tret. 9~6 ………also catch me mc’ing at interdance in birningham 18th aug 2012 bk to the musical side of things ,I love hard beats pounding basslines that gets everyone jumping love mc’ing to hardcore ,oldskool,hardhouse ,hardstyle for those who don’t know I don’t do scouse !! Hate it !!