My adventure with music began at the age of 7 – 8 years old when my grandfather brought home a old German vinyl player …. I liked the option of scratching on it as did the Dj’s on the turntables to the point that it destroyed the needle. 🙂
After that I got first keyboard… Always fired with a love for electro music from a young age listening Krafwerk and other varieties of techno as Storm, Scooter, ATB, Brooklyn Bounce, Prodigy and Chemical Brothers in the 90’s.
After that I attended for the first time at age 15 at the Love Parade in Berlin. The first of my large-scale events. Later, I discovered for me the first program to make your own music techno” E-Jay” on PS2 and Windows PC. But it was not what I wanted, because as everyone knows is the only place finished samples. I missed this option to create their own sound for each individual. Then I was interested in creating a hard trance tracks.
Peeling a while I loved it the first time watching Hardstyle relationships Qlimax 2007 on Youtube …. I felt that this music is for me to know where everyone can kick so much energy the strength of which I always dreamed of. Rough and strong sounds were wonderful for me. I noticed here that the aggressive and heavy music brings together thousands of people what I really like it. in 2010 I was the first time at qlimax then in 2011, Hardbass 2011 and 2012. from 2010, I try to attend all the greatest hardstyle events this year I’m going also to the Q-base, qlimax traditionally. from 2009 lived in Ireland where I met my wife, everyone in life need to become independent.

Why Omen? I have this nickname from years of elementary school … because I’m dark and tough character. that music creation is always dark, full of anger and aggressive. in each created a track I try to send a specific message to the audience. Each title has a meaning and refers to 100% of the track. usually this is the kind of music hardstyle.
Influential artist for me is: Angerfist, Nitrogenetics, Hellsystem, Prophet, Headhunterz, Zatox.