Location: Fife


This demon hails from the nether region of your innermost psyche, feeding on your fears and looking to take you on a trip to the darkest reaches of your soul.
Some say they think they have come across it before but cannot quite remember what happened (is it possible he has devoured their memories?

In past incarnations has taken the control of decks at youth events and house parties as well as illegal raves in barns and beaches,
yet no one really remembers seeing it nor having attended such things.

Has been said that it has special powers allowing it to be able to fly, survive almost any human or inhuman event in which death would normally occur

Bass generator records look to have tamed this beast, and have it held captive somewhere dark and deep within the earth with only a few people knowing
who or what this enigma is up to.

It can and will take up almost any challenge of a mix including styles such as: hardcore gabba speedcore terror hardstyle trance house drum an bass
but pay attention you never know where the style or genre will end up as it plays the music to get inside your head.

Watch out for news and info on this creature!