Thijmen Huizing is a producer/DJ from The Netherlands who is mainly concerned with creating UK hardcore.

His music style is for Dutch standards quite original. As he grew up in the 90’s (at a young age) he got a piece of the Dutch happy hardcore music. This is where the love for the cheerful energetic music originated.

He started producing music at the age of 17 with FL studio. In his first year producing music he mainly made hip-hop beats. Like almost every producer the search for the right style and sound took some time, but short after producing hip-hop the transition to dance music was made. From trance to hardstyle and gabber music, this producer discovered the sound of UK Hardcore. Impressed and inspired by this genre of music he started producing it.

Nowadays this producer is found in the studio making music on a daily basis.
His tracks are recognisable by their fast beats, euphoric melodies and solid sounds.

His first track to be released on Bass Generator Records Digital is coming mid April.

To find more out about this producer and his love for music you can visit his facebook and twitter account below.