Bass Generator Records 25th Anniversary 1990-2015

So this year sparks 25 years of being a record label, quite a long and epic journey so far but by no means ready to slow down or stop.
We are looking at the future, so with the launch of this new website, also comes many new releases on the label as well as some for the sister labels Bass Generator Records Digital, Hardbox Records and De:Fuzed Digital.

So with us looking to the future we are also still dragging the past with us and so we will be looking at bringing back JUDGEMENT DAY both for the radio and to the danceflloors in and around the UK.

There will also be new Bass Generator Records Singles collections out this year as well as new singles collection mix and maybe even the Bass Generator Records Showcase set both of which will be FREE on our soundcloud page to download.

The merchandise stall has grown to such epic proportions that last year it attended the likes of Creamfields and Coloursfest and attended most of the gigs put on week in week out by promoters up and down the country including Colours, Bttf, Goodgreef Xtra Hard etc.
This will continue this year with a bigger stall, more stock and greater selection of merchandise.