Bass Generator Records Radio

bgr radio

Our radio has been running about 4 years now and has surpassed all expectations we had for it, we have extended the team in the last few years to include Jilted Hybrid, Scott O’Neill and more recently Boaby Phet which in turn has given us more shows and more djs and nights featuring different styles and genres.

There have been many big dj’s and many brands having showcase nights, including Nosebleed, Tartan Techno, Death Row Techno, Fantazia.
We are always happy to help out and put nights on, we are also committed to help bringing through newer talent in the scene.

The stats are never really an issue for us and we rarely post about how we are doing but to give a little glimpse into this running from Jan 1 2014 – Jan 1st 2015 we have had over 600,000
listeners and from over 59 different countries.

Our tunein link for mobile and tablet listeners has also been amazing and we have gained over 1000 followers on there.