De:Fuzed Digital 2015 Update

A new year for De:Fuzed and looks like another good one, Quinny, Pingerz and Bass Brothers are all playing at Aftermath in leeds on the 27th.
New releases are coming from Ginger Kid, Dr Hill, D-Stabilize , Outlaw Bros , Camilo Suarez , Open Source.

The radio show as always has some great artists lined up for this year, sadly we cannot release any details of this as its under wraps just now.

We are in talks and searching for a venue to put on the first live event and stretch our legs into promotions, solely to show off ourselves as dj’s/producer’s and give an overall great night out for our fans (more news in the future on this)

Be sure to keep an eye out at the end of every month for De:Fuzed Radio Show and for the sets to be uploaded to the Bass Generator Records soundcloud page.